FEAST: Asian Dining Festival

FEAST: Asian Dining Festival

Teresa Was, MLA, Richmond North Centre
October 30, 2019 @ Legislative Assembly

I rise today to talk about a very special event in my riding. FEAST, the Asian Dining Festival, returns to Richmond for the second year in a row. Over the two weeks that this event took place last year, it was so popular that Feast has now returned for an amazing 32 days between October 18 and November 18.

The FEAST festival gives groups of friends and family the chance to try unique and easy-to-order menus at accessible prices. Restaurants spanning all forms of Asian cuisine will be participating, including Cantonese, Filipino, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Shanghainese, Taiwanese and Vietnamese cuisines.

Thanks to the strong support of Tourism Richmond and the Richmond News, the festival showcases the vibrant and world-renown culinary talent that Richmond has to offer.

Ninety percent of the restaurants participating are from my own riding of Richmond North Centre. I have had the pleasure of visiting several of them during Small Business Week, including Hot Pot Palace and JiangHu Taiwanese Cuisines, and I’m very much looking forward to visiting more over the next few weeks, especially during the next two weeks when I’m back in my riding. In fact, next week I will join all my colleagues in the city of Richmond and the members from Richmond South Centre, Richmond-Steveston and Richmond-Queensborough to dine in one of the participating restaurants to show our support and appreciation.

If you find yourself in Richmond, seek out some these fantastic local restaurants, and I can guarantee that you will enjoy great food, even great company, and find a new favourite place in Richmond.